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About New Flyer

New Flyer of America (New Flyer), the largest manufacturer of public transit buses in North America, is a multi-billion dollar corporation with thousands of U.S. employees who build buses for cities like Los Angeles, New York, Seattle and Birmingham, Alabama.  

In August, current and former Black and Latino workers at New Flyer’s plants in Anniston, AL and Ontario, CA released a letter detailing the discrimination they experienced while at work.

The letter came four months after a study performed by Alabama A&M University found that Black employees in particular at New Flyer’s Anniston plant reported experiencing widespread racism and discrimination. Among the problems highlighted in the letter and survey were denial of advancement and leadership opportunities due to exclusion from a predominantly white “good old boys” network, earning less than white co-workers, and witnessing racist language and symbols. 

Workers at New Flyer have reported fearing retaliation for reporting these and other problems. The Alabama A&M survey found that 43% of Anniston workers knew of product safety and workplace problems but feared retaliation if reported, and 52% of Anniston workers who filed complaints experienced retaliation. 

At New Flyer’s plant in Shepherdsville, KY, a worker was fired after he complained about unsafe working conditions following an accident in which a coworker lost part of her finger. The NLRB’s General Counsel issued a complaint alleging that New Flyer retaliated against this worker for concerted activity. New Flyer later settled that complaint.

New Flyer is also embroiled in a False Claims Act lawsuit for misrepresenting wages and benefits that were paid to employees in a 2013 contract with the LA Metropolitan Transit Agency. Documents show over half of New Flyer workers were hired at less than the $18.35 per hour committed to in the 2013 contract. New Flyer also claimed they paid most workers $11.75 an hour in benefits, even to workers who had declined to receive them.

We need accountability, transparency and protections to fix the problems at this and other companies. 

It doesn’t have to be this way

We need accountability, transparency and protections to fix the problems at this and other companies. We have long been calling on New Flyer to sign a Community Benefits Agreement (CBA) with the workers and surrounding community members and organizations. 

CBAs are binding commitments, crafted by community organizations, workers, workforce groups and residents to meet community’s hiring and training needs. 

  • They outline how the parties will work towards creating training and apprenticeship programs for targeted populations; 
  • They level the playing field for workers & communities to be heard; 
  • They incorporate local expertise and worker wisdom in how hiring and training initiatives are designed. 

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About Jobs to Move America (JMA) 

Jobs to Move America is a national strategic policy center that works to transform public spending and corporate behavior using a comprehensive approach that is rooted in racial and economic justice and community organizing. We seek to advance a fair and prosperous economy with good jobs and healthier communities for all. 

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